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Welcome, to my personal page. Hope it's not too grandiose for you, but gives you some info on who I am and what I'm up to these days. 

Who I'm I? That is a BIG question. Truthfully, I believe all humans live very complex lives. We walk down many roads and serve many purposes. Okay, enough with all the deep stuff. I am a Man of God. I have been blessed to be, a husband, father, son, friend, brother, etc..., but the identity that grounds me is my relationship with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

I know most of you are spectators, or just surfing. It's all good, but for the real shakers and change-makers, check out what I'm up to and find something to support. Either way, thanks for stopping by my site. 




THE REFUGE CHURCH - This is my labor of love. A Loving& Caring Community Church. Come and See Us.

Family At Church

R-Recovery Services - This is our licensed addiction program to help people live free from substance abuse. 

House in Suburb

REFUGE HOUSE - This is our sober housing program, that provides housing for people while in addiction treatment.

Image by Rod Long
Spiritual Growth - This is our online Spiritual education platform to help sharpen the body of Christ.

Image by Monica Melton
Mental Health

CUMI WELLNESS CENTER - Helping heal the whole person, body soul, and spirit. Coming Summer 2024

sp paul city scape2 2021.jpg
Housing Services

Providing Housing Consult Services for the Community.

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