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I believe that everyone I speak to each year should  walk away with specific, concrete action steps they can immediately apply to empower their relationships, career, and faith-walk with God.

Inspiration gets you started, but application helps you reach your destiny!

Because of this, my keynote topics focus on concrete Kingdom principles that lead to living holy, reducing fears, evaluating personal goals, and gaining a renewed desire to win with Christ. I am Holy Spirit lead, but I work with event planners to share a word that connects with your event goals.

I Teach People How To Live Above Fear And Take Hold Of Their Destiny.


Love Again


This is a Short Read, but powerful for all couples. Marcus Cage shares 13 Keys that have helped him and his wife enjoy more than two decades of a blessed marriage. These keys have been the foundation of their lasting God-Centered relationship. In this edition, Marcus also provides 4 must-have lessons in RELATIONSHIP MASTERY. Growth through these four stages will help any couple build and experience a great relationship.

MY preaching/speaking focus

Hello, and thanks for checking out my page. I have Pastored The Refuge Church  for the last 16 years, wrote books, training manuals and traveled the country sharing the God News. I love doing God's work, and meeting great people. I'm very comfortable teaching any area of the Bible. However, I have a more UNIQUE CALLING  to teach in the below three areas. 

Family Matters

Pastor Cage has been successfully married for more than 22 years. That has not been without struggle and help.

Leader In You

Pastor Cage teaches easy to understand Spiritual principles on how to take the lead vs settling for average.


In a world filled sexual content, Pastor Cage encourages Men of God to honor God by seeking Holiness.

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