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Dear Friends, Visitors, and Fellow Seekers of Truth,


Welcome to the digital sanctuary of Apostle Marcus Cage, a haven where faith finds its voice and purpose resonates with passion. Here, amidst the pixels and pathways of the internet, I invite you to embark on a transformative journey—one that transcends the boundaries of cyberspace and delves deep into the essence of spiritual enlightenment.


As you navigate through these virtual corridors, allow me to extend a warm embrace, embracing you in the warmth of fellowship and the boundless love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whether you have stumbled upon this site by chance or have intentionally sought refuge within its digital walls, know that you are not here by accident.


Within these pages, you will encounter the multifaceted tapestry of my life—a life woven with threads of service, devotion, and unwavering commitment to the Gospel. As a husband, father, son, friend, and servant of God, I stand before you humbled by the grace that has shaped my journey and the love that continues to sustain me.

So, dear friend, whether you are a seasoned traveler on the path of righteousness or a weary wanderer in search of solace, I bid you welcome. May your time spent within these digital confines be a source of inspiration, illumination, and profound spiritual growth. May you find rest for your weary spirit, nourishment for your hungry soul, and a renewed sense of purpose that propels you ever closer to the heart of God.


Thank you for gracing us with your presence, and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.


With heartfelt sincerity and abiding faith,


Apostle Marcus Cage




THE REFUGE CHURCH - This is my labor of love. Our Loving & Caring Community Church. Come and See Us.

Family At Church

R-Recovery Services - This is our licensed addiction program to help people live free from substance abuse. 

House in Suburb

REFUGE HOUSE - This is our sober housing program, that provides housing for people while in addiction treatment.

Image by Rod Long
Spiritual Growth - This is our online Spiritual education platform to help sharpen the body of Christ.

Image by Monica Melton
Community Services

CUMI WELLNESS - Providing Housing Services and mental health resources tot he community.

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