Family is God's expression of heaven on earth. When the family is built on the core principles of God's Word, it provides the light of God's glory to a world sinking into darkness. Pastor Cage focus on these areas to empower the family.


Marriage: As between a man and woman. Pastor Cage shares practical wisdom from his 22 years of marriage to improve communication, parenting, love, romance etc...

Ministry: Family ministry can be very difficult when everyone isn't on the same page. Pastor Cage helps families realize and accept God's call for their family and future.

Finances: Finances can single handily break a family that doesn't have a plan and system to manage income and expenses long-term. Pastor Cage shares wisdom on how to set-up a financial plan that works for your family goals and ministry.



Leadership is so valuable in a world of people settling for average and mediocre. Pastor Cage ignites and empowers everyone who is ready to take the next step into their greatness. His speaking focus on leaderships begins with;


The Winners Circle: Managing your 5 relationship circles for maximized success.

Jump NOW: Finding the faith to start moving toward your promised destiny. 

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We know this may not be one of the most popular subjects, but Pastor Cage believes this is one of the most important subjects for men. Living UpRight and in the integrity of holiness is necessary for strong manhood. Pastor Cage focus on these areas to empower men.

12 Pillars of Manhood: Pastor Cage shares his heart with men to establish 12 Pillars of Truth in their life. Good for workshops (powerpoint)

Overcoming Lust: Pastor Cage deals with how God delivered him from pornography. In his transparent session, Pastor Cage will reveal the process to overcome the bondage of lust and pornography.